Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great Golf Ball Whacker Guy

I went to thbe driving range with the Renter on Friday. Sounded fun at the time. Two days later I can't take the covers off me in the morning. Of course I swing like Tiger Woods, they make 9 irons to go 130, 3 irons to go 230, so swing hard every time, right?

If you want to be in pain for two days after.

I swear, 90 lb dumbbells over my chest, no problem, but a little white ball and a club in my hand...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This post has sence been edited/deleted per the Renter's request/demand

Week Off, Schedule

10:00 Wake up.

10:05 Make coffee.

12:00 Lift weights.

12:45 Take shower.

1:00 Put meat on the grill.

2:00 Afternoon is open.

I just needed a week off from work. Granted, I decided on this a month ago and so far the weather hasn't cooperated but still, my schedule has led to some pretty relaxing days. I still have to go in to work for an hour tomorrow to make sure the payroll went through correctly but other than that I'm good to go.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Overestimating My Abilities

I've been pricing a new kitchen sink and faucet for a while now. The white plastic sink I had was kind of an eye sore. If I left dishes in the sink it took a lot of scrubbing to get food/dish marks off. And my faucet leaked a little, probably just needed a new washer or something but it was getting old, too.

Sunday was a cold day, 50 something and windy. After pissing off the Renter on Friday, not talking all Saturday, I put theolive branch out there and asked her if she wanted to go to a place on Lincoln Ave. I knew they had $2 cheeseburgers and free pool. I didn't know I'd be so rusty at pool.

After splitting the first four games the Renter laid out a bet. I don't even remember what I would have won had I won the 5th game but it doesn't matter. I lost.

Headed to Home Depot.

I could have found a new sink and faucet for cheaper but the one I bought almost lined up perfectly with the drains I currently had. I figured, even though not experienced with plumming of any kind, I'd be able to hook the new one up without any outside help.

(By the way, this plumming thing reminded me, I once dated a girl who "starred" in "Pumping Plumpers 3". Initials TL. Almost lost my watch in that vag, with three fingers in the back end.)

Back to plumming...

Boy was I wrong.

Fairly winded, at least two sheets, I cleared out the cabinet under the sink and took a gander. I had no clue what I was getting into. I got as far as turning the water lines off.

I had to call a friend of a friend to come over on Tuesday to "help" me put the new sink in. Somehow, while having friends over, I managed to discourage anyone from entering the house so we didn't have any distractions putting the new sink in. It went fairly well, two hours with only one trip to the store but we got it in (up to the wrist, fuck, wrong plumming story again). I spotted the guy $60 for two hours of work, most of it lying on his back in my kitchen. There was no way I could have done it by myself.

So now I know, don't try indoor home improvement projects without professional help and don't make wagers on poolgames, even against a girl.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Renter: What do you want to do do for lunch?

I had taken the day off, I was open.

Renter: How about Indian, Korean?

No, I'm a little partial to bar food, beers, sports on TVs.

We went to a bar with a happy hour special, then followed a friend to a bar by his house. But then, I let the devils in. I was a little hungry, and the Renter took me to a place that I didn't want to go to, no TVs, no bar.

Sitting at a restaurant without a beer and guys to talk to scares me.

Price Of Oil

Normally product pricing doesn't affect my budget too much. I don't really buy that much in mass quantities, except for beer, of course. When 30 packs of Milwaukee's Best went up $1 I complained but hey, it's still pretty cheap at $13.50.

The recent increase at the pump hasn't hurt me too much. I only drive 36 miles a week and even at 16 mpg I don't use that much. I should be griping about my home heating oil that went from $300 five years ago to $550 this year, but I took that hit without thinking about it too much. I did go online to compare the rates of different providers but they were all about the same price that I paid.

Today I went to buy oil for the Jeep. I've always bought Valvoline. It used to be $2.50 a quart. Last fall it was $4 and I ended up getting the O'Reilly brand because that was much, much cheaper. Now Valvoline is $6 and the O'Reilly oil is $3.50. Six quarts and a filter ended up costing me $25. You used to be able to take your car in for an oil change for less than $20 and not have to crawl underneath your car.

I've always changed the oil in my cars myself and will continue to do so. Again, since I don't put that many miles on, I think the cheap oil should be fine.

The guy at O'Reilly looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I only put on 2,000 miles a year and change my oil twice a year but if $25 keeps my car going strong I'll stick with it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Guy, Small Dog

I was walking the puppy this morning, half awake and just trying to get my eyes to focus properly when a neighbor stopped me. My dog does draw a bit of attention. I prefer the 20-year-old girls who bend over to pet my puppy while showing their puppies than the older crowd that I usually run in to. But this woman was armed and ready, waiting for me.

Old, old lady: My husband said I have to give this to you.

She handed me a neatly folded piece of newspaper. It was an article about the Packer's AJ Hawk and his little dog.

Old, old lady: He said you and your dog look just as comical as AJ and his dog!

Thank God it was 8:00 am and my brain wasn't functioning yet or I would have asked what exactly she meant by that.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Where's Waldo?

On Wednesday I was looking at the TV in the living room. I noticed the Wii sensor had fallen from on top of the TV to behind it. The TV itself was a bit off kilter, too. I'm sure the Renter would know something about it.

Me: So, what happened to the TV?

Renter: You don't remember?

Me: Um...

I had started working on the Jeep at 10:00. I have two sets of tires for it, spiffy chrome rims for the summer, stock ones for the winter. I had just finished with the last one when a freind showed up at 11:00. That's when the first beer was opened.

Renter: You almost knocked over the TV on you're way to bed. You hit it and thanked God you didn't knock it over.

I fairly recall that. I wouldn't doubt the Renter's recollection.

All I remember was that it was a good long Sunday.

There might be a puppy hidden in that photo.

Dad's Wedding

I can't go to the wedding, the way you left mom, moved to Florida, I'd be lying if I said congrats. Feel like you bailed out on me. I'm sorry.