Friday, November 29, 2013

Naked Neighbor

I was walking my dog around the block last week like usual before I got ready for work.  Three quarters of the way around I saw my neighbor's dog in his front yard without a leash on.  This isn't unusual, but usually he's at least outside with his dog and not just letting it run free.  So I looked up to his house expecting to see him standing outside his front door with a cup of coffee.  It was pretty cold out so I wasn't surprised to see him standing inside his house, standing in the doorway.  I raised my hand to waive as he and I are pretty chummy.  But instead of waiving back, he lowered his hand and turned sideways.

Yes, my neighbor was butt ass naked.  I laughed all the way back to my house.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Shoulder

I guess I pulled on my penis too much last night, my forearm was too sore to do pullups and back exercises today.

I hope Aaron Rodgers' should is feeling better than my forearm.