Monday, August 30, 2010

Gym, Bloating

I joined the local gym today after one and a half years being away. I was fine with working out at home but it seemed like evening activities would get in the way. Normally I'd get home at 5:30 and be done lifting weights at 6:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know my intensity wasn't that great but I'd power through each workout as best I could. But then I thought about it over the weekend. I never left the office for lunch so I was losing an hour there. While I have all the equipment I need in my basement the gym is only $20 a month for Marquette alum. And my credit card statement end date was the 28th so I wouldn't have to pay the $120 for the fall semester until the middle of October. Sweet! (I literally get off on simple stuff like that!) So at 12:30 I walked over there and by 12:40 I was tossing weights around. I can't explain why but there's a big difference when you go from someone's basement to an actual gym, especially on the standard bench press. I was tossing 225 around like it was nothing. Anyway, I saw a couple friendly faces (although not the hot 40-year-old), cleaned up and left knowing I had made a good decision.

Back in the office I decided to try out the protein powder I bought off the Renter for a steal. Within an hour I was on the shitter making ungodly noises that I would have been super proud of except that two of my co-workers were in there at the same time. Just a little embarrassing. I had to wait till they left before I snuck out of there.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Death At A Funeral

With the Brewers having off on Monday I thought it would be a good idea to swing by the local Redbox and pick up a movie for the evening. I had seen previews for Death at a Funeral numerous times and it looked pretty funny. Little did I know...

The scene where Tracy Morgan gets his hand stuck under Danny Glover while he's taking a shit... I laughed so hard one of my neighbors opened up their front door to see what was going on. The Renter almost threw up. The Little Buddy from down the street couldn't watch it. In all I replayed it five times, every time someone new would come over. "I think I got some poop in my mouth" made the Renter wrench again. Funniest "shit" I've seen in 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday's lately have been a recipe for disaster. Our group of five or six has found a bar that serves free bacon from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm, as much as you want. I'm a huge bacon fan so I really don't mind being woken up to go there. But beer, at 11:00 am, when I probably had the last one at 1:00 am, well, it doesn't help the situation.

That's exactly what happened on Sunday. For some reason the staff there really like us (being the only ones in the bar) and seem to "take care" of us. They even warmed up to the Little Buddy down the street from me. We were buying buckets of Milw's Best with four beers for $6. Even got a round of four free. Needless to say I was rocked by 5:00. After that things get a little fuzzy. Apparently I filled up my cooler as if to go outside and instead took a two hour nap. (?) The Renter woke me up, "Wake up, everyone is on the deck." And by gollie everyone was on the deck, including the bartender from the bar. Puppy was sitting on his lap giving me the "you've been replaced" look.

Don't even know what time I went to bed.

The next day I felt like I went a couple rounds with Rocky Balboa. My arms, chest and back had sore spots like I rolled down a rocky hill. I could hardly get 135 off my chest when I was working out. I didn't fully recover till Wednesday.

But guess what I'm doing again this Sunday. You betcha.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Infectious Disease

Last weekend I was fortunate to be invited back to Michigan for another weekend of fun in the sun. I was hoping to take Friday off and make it a three day weekend but with a board meeting early the next week I wasn't able to. Would have been nice as driving five hours after work on Friday and another five hours on Sunday kind of sucked.

Got there at 11:00 pm and I immediately found out that I had some catching up to do. Unfortunately all my beer was warm but I did my best till they got iced down.

Saturday morning our host made ten pounds of bacon for everyone. I guess the store in town had a special for $10. Guess who else picked a box up on the way home?

Around noon some people went golfing and my group decided to take the pontoon boat out. We had trouble getting it in to gear and I had to jump out to keep it from hitting a platform in the lake, completely forgetting about the full pack of cigarettes in my pocket.

One pack down.

Many beers later our host managed to dip the front of the pontoon boat six inches under water and my beer and cigs went floating away.

Longest boat ride ever. No beer, no cigs.

Back at the pier, we were coming in a little hot. I tried to grab the pier to slow us down but it didn't work. The chair broke, Puppy and I fell in the lake, scraping my leg in the process.

I drove through downtown Chicago, stick shift, no problem.

Monday it swelled up. Not good.

Went to the Dr. On Tues, got some antibiotics which fixed the swelling buy the open wound was still there. And its still not healed.

Worst part?

Not getting injured to the point I had to go to the Dr.

I got the notice that I got the primo bedroom because they know I can't find my way out of my bedroom when I'm drunk.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Renter's in the Bathroom, Possibly With Her Pants Down

Tuesday Robbery, Description

"The first three numbers of the van's license plates are believed to be 243, 234, 249 or a similar combination, police said."

So, like 294?