Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cell Phone Memory

I bought a Samsung Epic when it first came out. It's not as cool as an iPhone but it can do everything I need it to. It came with a 16 gig memory card which is twice as big as my last phone. Playing around with it this week I noticed that I had less than 2 gigs of memory available. I went through all the apps I had downloaded and removed the ones I never used but that didn't do much good. I painstakingly went through all the porn I had stored and removed the ones with two guys doing one girl and ones where the chick sucked at giving blow jobs. This didn't free up much space either. I tried to delete all the pictures I had taken but in the process I somehow screwed up the whole system as it wouldn't delete any of them. Then I tried to access it through my computer but I don't use my computer at home much and absolutely hate Windows Vista. My last resort was to hand it over to the Renter. After five minutes she gave it back to me with 10 gigs of available space. Sweet!

Bitch had deleted ALL my porn.

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