Monday, December 14, 2009

In Passing…

As I sit here and try to think of something to write about this past weekend, as usual, I’m drawing a blank. I suppose I could just write, “got drunk on Friday, got drunk on Saturday, and oh, I think I got drunk on Sunday.” That description would work for pretty much every weekend. Titillating writing to say the least.

On Saturday I woke up absolutely starving. I let the puppy out, got dressed and headed for the Mexican restaurant attached to my favorite sports bar. They have a pretty decent breakfast menu and I was pretty sure my friend from Brazil would be there. I ordered food and made small talk with people till my friend Book E. showed up with his girlfriend who was working that day. That’s when the “lines” came out. Not lines of cocaine, but something just as addicting: sports lines. We found the line for the Kentucky/Indian game and I took both Kentucky (winner) and the over (winner) with a $10 parlay thrown in there for good measure. I had a little on Memphis but they fell short (actually were losing at halftime to Arkansas-Little Rock?).

The Renter and I went to Best Buy for some stupid satellite radio that she wanted and I was pulling up scores in the computer department. Thinking of someone other than myself – doesn’t happen too often – I found a computer for $200 that should be perfect for my mom. Mind you I’m not giving it to her, but she’ll be happy enough that I picked it out and set it up for her.

On the way back from Best Buy we stopped at a friend’s bar and enjoyed chicken wings and a round of Golden Tee. Nothing too exciting going on there.

When my sports bar opened up I was pretty much going on fumes. I had been drinking for nine hours already with a one hour break. I had to one-up her since we tied our round of Golden Tee so I kicked her ass on the pool table. I noticed the Bucks were playing later and, after getting burned on an under earlier in the week, put a little cash on the over and needed two overtimes to get it over (whew!).

I woke up feeling like absolute shit on Sunday. I was actually contemplating not going to the bar and just staying home but at the last minute I summoned up the energy and headed out. The usual suspects and I enjoyed a Packer win over the hated Bears. For the afternoon games I had a suspicion that the Chargers would somehow beat the Cowboys and threw a little cash on them (winner). Somehow I managed to stay awake for the end of that game but I was pretty much down for the count. My friend Book E. told me the line for the Eagles/Giants game was a 43 and I dumped everything I had won for the week on the over. It was over the total by halftime.

Reading this you’d think I knew what I was doing just a little bit as far as this lines go. Forgive me if I failed to mention my 0-7 record from last weekend.

When I got home I was still hungry and those Pizza Hut ads they’ve been running did their trick. I chilled out on the couch with the puppy waiting for the pizza man to show up. The Renter decided that this was a good time for me to help her with her homework. After reading her assignment, loaded mind you, I had absolutely no clue what they were asking for. Thankfully the pizza man arrived and I had an excuse to get out of the homework.

I know I’m somewhat lactose intolerant but Pizza Hut pizza gets me every time. I always get the pan style pepperoni. I woke up Monday morning with the worst gas I’ve had in a long time. I was stinking up my bedroom like you wouldn’t believe. If you know me and I say it was bad, well, it’s pretty bad.

Stepping into the elevator going in to work I thought it would be a great gag to leave one in the tight enclosed space. I figured there wouldn’t be anyone waiting to use the elevator on my floor and most people would have been going up from the parking structure at that time.

I let one slide.

I was wrong about someone not being there.

It was the maintenance man. I wasn’t getting out of this one. I mumbled “sorry” and stepped out of the elevator. As I turned the corner and he walked in the elevator I heard him say, “Holy crap!” I turned around to see him jump out of the elevator and head for the stairs. I hope I don’t have to see him anytime soon.

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